New! Halloween Designs

Our first Halloween Collection for 2012 is ready! :)

I was looking to create a cute and colorful line of greeting cards for this Halloween, and this is the final result. These funky and spooky designs are waiting to have your amazing pictures on it!! :D 

Our Photoshop templates have been created full layered and with the awesome feature that you can change the colors of all elements, so if you want to do a more dark Halloween cards you will be able! more thing, you can enlarge the design elements as you want and you won't loss quality, another plus of our designs.

And as you know all the proud parents will be eager to show the pics of their little ones in the cute Halloween costume to their friends, right? So...surprise them with a cute timeline cover with the photos included after the session! It would be a candy for them as long as you finish up the retouching of the pictures! :)

Click on the images to visit the collection, and don't forget to pin it out! :D

<3 Rose

halloween photo cards templates - halloween photoshop templatesAn special thank you to Mindy Francis, Ashley Alexander and Kimberly Murray for collaborating with the awesome pictures, also to all the special photographers who sent submissions, I'll be designing more Halloween cards and I hope to include your pics there ;)

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