My First Blog Post

Welcome to my Blog!!

This is my first post and I'm so excited to begin the recap of this exciting journey! I have been thinking about this a long time ago and I think this is the time!! It's a big challenge for me, but all challenges make you give more and get better results, and that's gratifying!

First of all I want to say a big THANK YOU to my lovely customers, fans and followers, you make me stay in an inspired and constant creative process and that is what I enjoy most in my life!

The purpose of this blog is to create a source of new things for photographers, I expect to share with you experiences, tutorials, DIY projects, and so much inspiration, and hope you to be part of it! You are welcome to leave comments, share your love and spread the word.

I leave you with some of my new templates for the Christmas Season, I did a kind of poll on our fanpage about what would you like to see for this season, some said modern and unusual colors and others requested traditional and vintage designs, so I hope I'm able to please everybody.

This are just the first Holiday Collections for this year, I'm planning to design more and more until Christmas, so stay tuned! Any comment or suggestion will be more than welcome! :D

And...THANKS for reading!! <3 Rose




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