First Day of School freebie!

For those awesome moms who love to treasure every milestone of their little ones we did a special freebie.
Interview your kiddo after school and include the first day of school picture, we also added a label name to use on notebooks, belongings or gifts :)

For Photoshop users: Download the editable Photoshop

No Photoshop users: Download the printable PDF

This is a gift from our shop to you for PERSONAL USE only!! :)

A big thanks to Sally Cavanaugh for the lovely picture <3


Thank you so much! It is adorable!

Becky October 20, 2014

Thank you so much… it’s so versatile!

Allie August 18, 2014

Cute idea – thank you for the PSD file!

Nancy August 15, 2014

You are so kind!

Kelly August 15, 2014

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