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I have to be honest, I am a font obsessed, I love to have my library full of fonts and being able to choose one of another when I'm designing. If you are fan of the fonts this trendy font selection is for you.

Find the links to download below the image :)



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Tracie on

Thank you!

abigail on

Very pretty fonts. :) Thank you!

nicole gee on

Thank you! love your stuff!

Elaine on

Thank u so much!! =) lovely!!

Birdesign on

Hi Elaine,
The font used for the titles is ROCKWELL :)

Elaine on

Hi :). Beautiful fonts! Thanks for it! I wonder, which is the name of the font below each one of the names? In other words, what’s the font used to name the fonts in your graphic?
Thanks :)

Birdesign on

Hi Desiree, The links are under the image :)


Please keep me up to date . . . how do I download this freebie ? ♥happy

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