Starter's Film Course by Abigail Lewis
Starter's Film Course by Abigail Lewis

Starter's Film Course by Abigail Lewis


Abigail Lewis

Learn ALL the basics to successfully start shooting film in your photography business. Detailed Video Series + PDF Series included.


Here is a list of the objectives we'll be covering in this video series:

  1. Understanding Film | Why would someone decide to shoot film instead of digital?
  2. Digital vs. Film | Does film really look different than edited digital images?
  3. Film Cameras | What film camera(s) should I invest in?
  4. Film Stocks | What is a film stock? How is each film stock suited to various scenarios?
  5. Metering for Film | How do I find my settings for each lighting scenario? How do I use a handheld light meter? What metering techniques are best suited to my own photography?
  6. After You Shoot a Roll | How should I handle and ship off my film? What film labs should I consider?
  7. Post-Processing | How do I get my digital images to look like the film images I've shot?
  8. Pushing & Pulling Film | What does it mean to push or pull your film, and when should I use this technique?

Once you've conquered the basics of these questions, you'll be more than ready to add film photography into your work! 


This online course includes:

- 1 Year Access to All Videos, Lifetime Access to PDF’s.
- 9 Video Series + Included PDF’s (as well as Private FaceBook Group for Support)



"If you’ve been looking for an easy way to get started with shooting film, without having to search through hundreds of google articles and YouTube videos, this course IS IT. Complete with explanations of various film stocks, how to meter for different film stocks and lighting situations, how to make your digitals match your film, and more, this course will jumpstart your journey of adding film into your workflow. The course even includes a few helpful PDF’s you can reference later. Abi is extremely knowledgeable about film and does the initial work for you so you can get to the fun of film faster. She is straightforward and easy to understand in this introductory course. Can’t wait for her next course!” - Sarah N.

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