Social Media Influencer Agreement
Social Media Influencer Agreement

Social Media Influencer Agreement



T H E    P R O D U C T

Be prepared and protected as a brand or Influencer when creating partnerships for social media sponsorships. With this agreement, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you will stay true to your vision while partnering with brands, and vice-versa.

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With this document, you'll protect your business by:

  • Making sure that your promotion, posts, or ads are exactly what you want.
  • Making sure your client will pay as you both agreed.
  • Knowing that you can terminate the agreement and relationship anytime.
  • Knowing that the content created will go through approval before posting.
  • Knowing that your content material stays confidential and exclusive
  • Establishing that content and materials are aligned with your vision and values

What's included:

  • Agreement and deliverable details
  • Cancellation policy
  • Items to Avoid in Influencer Posts.
  • Confidentiality and Exclusivity.
  • Payment Terms
  • Influencer Rights


T H E   H I G H L I G H T S 

  • 4-Page Social Media Influencer Agreement carefully written by a legal Professional and curated for creatives business owners.


  • Delivered as an editable text Word document (.docx) and fillable PDF form (.pdf). You just need to add your information and details, double check that everything aligns with your vision, make small tweaks if needed and you're ready to go!


  • PLEASE READ: This template and others are offered and sold for the convenience of the client. Be advised that this document does not constitute binding legal advice, nor can legal advice be given to the client with questions about this template and others. The client is further advised that the seller is not responsible for adverse legal consequences or the potential for adverse legal consequences, or detrimental effects on the client's business in any way, as a result of the use of this document. In the event of uncertainties, questions, issues, or concerns on the part of the client regarding this template and others, consultation with qualified legal counsel familiar with business and contract law is advised.
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