Procreate Brushes Set I - For Ipad Pro Lettering

SKU: PB001

$7.80 $12

As a lettering and calligraphy lover, I’ve been using tons of brushes available out there, so after a while I finally decided to create my own brushes, specifically designed for artists creating lettering using the iPad Pro.

So, here it is! The very first super special set of 12 brushes made for all artists who want to develop beautiful lettering and calligraphy texts and shapes.

This set features delicate and versatile brush styles that emulate calligraphy nibs, paint brush, textured strokes, marker, chalk style, ink bleed finishes, among many others.


  • Wildness Brush
  • Funky Brush
  • Super Spongy
  • Marker Love
  • Sweet Textured
  • Mono Style
  • Merci Clean
  • Merci Ink bleed
  • Heavy Textured
  • Chalky
  • Fanciful
  • Dually
  • QUICK INSTALLATION GUIDE included, it’s pretty simple!
  • iPad Pro
  • Apple Pen
  • Procreate App
These brushes ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ADOBE PRODUCTS (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc)

I've been having so much fun playing around with these lovely babes! I know you will too.

Happy Lettering!


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