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Our platform is focused on high-quality templates and business collateral specifically designed for our audience of over 60,000 photographers

Profit Share Comparison:

  • Birdesign: Offers a highly competitive revenue model, where designers can earn up to 50-55% of the product price, with no listing fees or hidden charges.
  • Etsy: Charges a $0.20 listing fee per item and takes a 5% transaction fee and a payment processing fee, which can reduce overall profits for designers.
  • Creative Market: Takes a 40-60% split of profits, depending on the level of exclusivity of the product, which can impact profitability for designers.
  • Envato: Takes a 50% split of profits, with additional fees for exclusive selling and author fees, which can reduce overall profits for designers.


  • Showcase your products on a highly curated platform that is exclusively focused on high-quality templates and business collateral designed for photographers.
  • Be promoted on, used by our photographers to allow their clients to find your work.
  • Get featured on Birdesign's social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, where you can reach a wider audience and attract more sales.
  • Benefit from email marketing campaigns to a list of 60,000 photographers, which can increase visibility and sales for your products.
  • Collaborate with Birdesign to create a customized marketing plan that puts the spotlight on you and your designs.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to sell your products on other marketplaces, as the partner designer program does not require you to exclusively sell on Birdesign.
  • Maintain 100% ownership of your design assets, which gives you the freedom to use them in other ways, such as for custom client work or personal projects.
  • Join a community of like-minded designers who are committed to delivering the best quality designs to photographers.

By joining the Birdesign Partner Designer Program, you'll benefit from a range of promotional and marketing efforts that can increase exposure and sales for your products. With a focus on high-quality design, a niche audience of photographers, and a highly competitive revenue model, you'll feel right at home on our exclusive platform.

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