Cease & Desist Letter
Cease & Desist Letter

Cease & Desist Letter



T H E    P R O D U C T

Is someone infringing on your trademark or copyright? Is someone copying your work, reselling, or distributing it without your consent?

Your brand must be protected and ready to act when copyright inconveniences arise. Yep! I've been there, and after several paralyzing times seeing my work somewhere else, I've learned to be ready to address any and all copyright issues immediately.

This letter will politely inform and warn copycats of any copyright infringement, giving them a short period to take your materials off of their shop, website, or server. It works like a charm!!

With this document, you'll protect your business by:

  • Serving legal notice of copyright infringement
  • Demanding that copycats stop using your material or content, or face legal action
  • Protecting your work from being used without your consent.

What's included:

  • The property details
  • A clear statement regarding the actions that you're ordering be ceased
  • A warning about further legal action
  • A time limit to comply (8 days to respond)


T H E   H I G H L I G H T S 

  • One-page Cease & Desist Notice. Carefully written by a legal professional and curated for creatives business owners.


  • Delivered as an editable text Word document (.docx) and fillable PDF form (.pdf). You'll need to add your information and details, double check that everything aligns with your vision, and you'll be ready to go!


  • PLEASE READ: This template and others are offered and sold for the convenience of the client. Be advised that this document does not constitute binding legal advice, nor can legal advice be given to the client with questions about this template and others. The client is further advised that the seller is not responsible for adverse legal consequences or the potential for adverse legal consequences, or detrimental effects on the client's business in any way, as a result of the use of this document. In the event of uncertainties, questions, issues, or concerns on the part of the client regarding this template and others, consultation with qualified legal counsel familiar with business and contract law is advised.
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