Small business we're all together in these moments

I just wanted to share with you my most sincere thoughts and tips that may help you to keep moving forward with your small business

Compassion and grace: With you and your loved ones. Make those activities that raise your vibrations. Meditation, dancing, music, gratitude journaling, praying, yoga, exercise, do whatever you need to feel GOOD, grateful, and alive.

Look at where you put your attention. 15-20 minutes of getting informed are more than enough. More than that will drain you and leave your head full of information. Choose to put your thoughts on positive things and ways to make the best out of this moment for you and your community.

See how you can help: The best way to help yourself and your business is to be helpful to others. Offer resources, knowledge, or tools. Digital content free resources, entertainment, tips, online consultations, webinars, live sessions, any digital media is welcome now and an excellent way to stay on the top of mine of your audience.

Cross that big project: This is good timing for you to rebrand, work on your website, launch your podcast, get new skills with an online course, try a new technique, work on the lead magnet, create an online course, finish that ebook, you name it. You know the project you want to finish. Life goes on, and so your business, make it easy for your audience to consume your content, they want to hear from you!

Embrace the change: Unexpected changes could be scary, but there's always a silver lining. Try to focus on the good things, be grateful for what you have now, see how you can vibrate high on this situation and how good this will be for your business, maybe you 'll find options to simplify your workflow, or you'll find the way to book easier online, or maybe you finally launch that online class and boost your income. Crisis always brings good, we just have to be open to see it.

Speak your truth: Stick to positive rituals. Create your mantras about your health, your sense of security, and your abundance, create reminders on your phone to see them regularly throughout the day. Remember that our truth is within us; there's the only place we can control, make your mind the most beautiful place to stay. These are some of my mantras lately: "I feel safe and secure", "I'm healthy and strong", "Every little thing is working out for me", "This season will bring only positive things to me and my business", say it, believe it and move by these words.

I created some goodies for you to remember your truth and keep going spreading positivity and high vibrations :) Share the love and send this to fellows and friends so they can share with others <3


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