September FREEBIE - Booking Overlays Handlettering style

A busy season is coming up, and with the Holidays just around the corner your Studio's agenda can get pretty tight, so for this September Freebie Birdesign wants to put at your disposal a set of handmade lettering overlays with a mix of themes such as Fall, Sale, Booking and Holidays Sessions.
Whether you're looking for a headline for a photoshop template, a newsletter artwork you're planning to send out to your customers, or simply a social media post to keep your audience engage with your Photography Studio's services, these will be a perfect complement to help you finish the job.
Free Hand Lettering OverlaysOur products are created for PHOTOGRAPHERS ONLY. You may not resell, redistribute or share these templates in whole or in part for any reason; claim these designs as your own; or sell any design digital or printed on any online store. This is a GIFT from Birdesign to your photography studio. If you have a question regarding the use, please contact us.


Hi! I follow your blog religiously but I missed this freebie (kinda busy having a baby lol) and now that I’m trying to catch up the link for this one isn’t valid. Can you post a new link? I love these so much!

Erin Taylor Oakes February 14, 2018

Thank you! Love your fonts :D

Nicole September 22, 2017

These are so fantastic! Thanks a ton :)

Lee Anne September 10, 2017

Thank you !!! :)

gergana September 10, 2017

Thank you so much! LOVE these fonts!!

Traci September 09, 2017

Thanks soo much! These are lovely!!

Gillian September 08, 2017

Thanks so much! They are great!!

Jill September 07, 2017

Thank you so much, love these fonts!

Danielle Ford September 07, 2017

Thank you

Allysa Carberry September 07, 2017

Thank you!! Will you be adding more holiday templates?

Sarah Elliott September 07, 2017

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