Second baby on the way!

I wanted to make this post a personal one, sharing with you what my personal life is all about right now. As some of you may know, I’m expecting my second baby, just about to reach the peek of my last trimester, actually this’ll be my week-39 so as you may guess, I could go into labor right after finishing this post (lol!).  The great thing is that, somehow, this second pregnancy has been way smoother and easier than my first baby (now, almost 3 year-old girl). Of course, we’ve had to deal with some difficult situations involving extreme mommy-attachment and separation anxiety! My husband and I have been holding to an optimistic and hopeful quote that says: “This too shall pass!”. Our short 3-year parental experience, has proved us that most of the time this is true. By the time you start to make a big deal out of a situation it simply goes away, and then comes a totally different one!

On the other hand, I couldn’t be more grateful with everything. Our relationship is stronger than ever, of course we sometimes have those emotional “pillow-fights”, but we come back to our center and we are able to agree more often, having common goals and family purposes. You can easily get lost as a couple while parenting.

I’ve also been trying to balance all of my different facets right now; as a woman, artist, wife and mommy. It’s definitely not an easy task trying to let go stuff to make more room or, as I see it, making another slice in your already sliced pizza. 

I feel blessed with the job I have and the community of customers I’m surrounded by. In advanced, I sincerely apologies if the emails don’t get replied in a timely manner, or the freebies and new collections are delayed. But I promise I will keep you updated as soon as I’m 100% back on track, with baby in one hand and the other one in the keyboard!

Always grateful for your love and support! See you all in the next post!



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