New Watercolor Illustrations

Hello friends, Are you ready for an overload of cuteness?? Get ready!!

As you may know, I've been working on my creativity for several weeks, watercolor has wholly hooked me! I'm in love with the technique, the textures, the finishes, everything about it.

The past weeks focusing on creating was the only thing that kept me inspired and going along my day, so I created these two beautiful packs for watercolor illustrations. I can't say more, I'm in love with every detail, from the camera to the baskets, the rainbow, and all these brilliant colors.

I hope you like them as much as I do. I've created one set for the photographer including, a camera, frames, coffee, an album, a hat, and beautiful branches. And a set specially made for newborn and babies, loaded with love and cuteness, including a rainbow, stuffed animals, florals and branches, baskets and more baby details that melted any heart.

The Watercolor Illustration Packs:

The Newborn and Baby Watercolor Pack

The Photographer Watercolor Pack


Check out more of my watercolor journey at my personal Instagram account or my Youtube Channel

Watercolor Illustrations pack - PNG files - newborn and baby theme


This is the illustrations pack for photographers, check out those beautiful details: a camera, women photographers, a coffee (mandatory), an album or book, leaves and branches and frames, all carefully made thinking on your next design project.

Find The Photographer Watercolor Pack HERE

watercolor illustrations pack for photographers - retro camera


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