New Holiday Accordion Mini designs

I'm so excited to share with you the latest addition to our Holiday collection! Christmas & Thanksgiving Accordion Cards and the cutest 3x3 Accordion Minis are here! These have been one of the favorite printed products for holiday sessions and will be a hit among your customers!

If you are wondering where you can print them, I'd recommend you to use Miller's Lab.

Epic Freebie BundleMiller's Lab accordion mini templates for photographers

These are the cutest thing ever when printed, I swear you and your clients will love them. Every single design has been blessed, so that everyone who holds these will feel loved and full of joy. Add to that your beautiful pictures and loving holiday intentions, lots of light, and magic all around.

With lots of love and blessings to you,


P.S. Stay tuned because a new freebie is coming soon!

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