How to design the Perfect Pin Board

How to design the Perfect Pinterest Layout

You love Pinterest and want to put your business into the platform’s game, but what is the best way to stand out among so many pins, boards, and (beautiful and not-so-beautiful) content? A few special design principles make up the Perfect Pin and allow it to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s check out the aspects of the Perfect Pinterest Pin!

Choose vertical

The most visible Pins are vertical. If you choose landscape format your pin probably won’t be noticed among all the other Pins out there. The optimal proportion for a pin is 2:3, which will be about 1000x1500 px. Although vertical is the favorite, square Pins perform fine as well on Pinterest.

Make it easy to read

It should be clear and easy to understand. To achieve that, it’s recommended that you use big titles and clear fonts. It’s better to use a simple font combination to make the text readable and appealing to the eye among all other pins around.

Less is more

Make the design as clean as possible. It’s best to have only the necessary elements to send the message you want to deliver, instead of including lots of design elements that will make the layout noisy. If combining pictures with text, make the text a priority to deliver the message as clearly as possible to your readers.

Include something extra

If you want your Pin to become even more popular than usual, add a little bit of confetti to it a.k.a Free Bonus. Better known as “content upgrade”, it could be as simple as a checklist, free image, illustration, wallpaper, a workbook, or template; anything related to your topic that makes it more attractive to your reader and makes them want to repin it and click through to your website.

Set a style

Have you been seeing the same Pin style over and over again when searching for your topics of interest, and you just have to click on them to see who it’s from? Creating a specific style for your Pins is a good way to get noticed within Pinterest and be cohesive with your branding.

Add your logo or website

Include your logo or website somewhere. Then, if for some reason the link is broken, the reader will know where to find you online.

I’ve designed 10 Pinterest Layouts you can access and use for free. They are designed to use and edit using Adobe Photoshop. The design is fully customizable, which means you can change the colors, fonts, and elements.

Get 10 PSD Pinterest Layouts *Photoshop required


10 Free Pinterest Layouts to stand out - free download




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