How to create a brand board + free template

Confession: I’ve never created a formal branding board for any of my brands. The upside is that my company has survived without them. The downside was that even when I tried to have a consistent style, the essence of my brand was never clear.  Important elements like colors, fonts, and the overall mood were inconsistent and vague. I was like a boat riding the waves of the ocean - flowing with the rhythm of the tide (and how I was feeling that particular day, of course)

Well, good news! This new website you’re currently enjoying, and a new focus on rebranding have placed this issue at the center of my table. One of my main goals for this year, (and for this new brand) is to create consistency in everything I do. The most recognizable brands are those that are consistent, and your brand will become better known through consistency.  Wherever your brand is - FB, Instagram, Pinterest, or a blog - consistency is one of the main ingredients for the perfect branding recipe.

Whether you’re an artist, a brand, or a local shop, keep in mind that creating a Branding Board will help you have a better understanding of the vibe of your brand and company.  It will also help build a cohesive image across all your channels, and to share this information with your design and branding team in an easier way.

A branding guide should include your logo, logo alternative designs and favicon, the color palette you will use (website, blog design, and photos), the fonts, and an inspirational mini board of pictures, patterns, or design elements that set up the mood of your brand.


You can also create a mood board including the same elements, but combining them as a whole design. This way you can integrate the elements together with your brand idea and make sure your final product matches your dream.

Want to create your own? Download my templates to create your Branding Board. (Photoshop required)




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