How to boost your Photography Studio sales using templates?

One of my primary purposes with Birdesign is to bless your business and help you grow.

Birdesign is about products and designs that make you and your photography business more profitable, so every design has a purpose for you and your final customers.

Through photo cards templates like birth announcements, save the dates, grad announcements, seasonal cards, albums, and other printed products, you can make extra money from your photo sessions.

How? In a few steps all the process will look like this:

  • We provide the templates
  • You customize them with your sessions pics + clients info
  • Send them to print with a Photography Lab (we use Miller's Lab)
  • Sell them to your customers $$$
accordion mini photoshop template - Miller's Lab template from Birdesign & Roselyn Carr


Photography labs like Miller's and WHCC print cards and products for photographers at an excellent price, so you can offer them to your customers and get profit from it. Most of our templates are compatible with Miller's Lab specifications. I tweak the files to be compatible with WHCC after request (send an email asking for the change via email/ turnaround 24-48 hours).

Miller's Lab has amazing customer service, they will send the printed products directly to your customers, with a blind label if required, that means your clients will get the package without branding. All orders get FREE SHIPPING, so you don't have to invest in shipping cost and the turning around time is 1-3 days (I'd say 1 day most of the time). The experience for you and your clients will be smooth and delightful.

I'd keep talking wonders about Miller's Lab and the way they have helped my customers business to grow, but you can go and experience it yourself!

The holiday season has been the pick for my loyal clients who gets hundreds of dollars more from their Thanksgiving and Christmas sessions. Selling printed products have been a blessing for most of them, so they've implemented the offering of add-ons and printed products along the year with lots of success.


If you're still on the fence, you can try offering the printed cards to your clients using my Unbranded Catalog

Invite your clients to visit the Unbranded Catalog for them to pick their favorite designs and buy only what they select. I know, I know, it's fantastic!

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to send me a message here :)

Many blessings, 


how to boost your photography studio sales with templates

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