Free Watercolor Wallpapers for Iphone

Hello friends, 

I'm so excited to share something very personal with you!

You know, this quarantine has brought all the feelings to the table, and so many changes are happening.

When I'm at home, I can't stand still, which has happened to me during this time. The good news is that I've been feeling so inspired and led to create and develop more of my artistry, which I've been procrastinating for a long time.

Watercolor has been one of my biggest passions, and now I've had the time to put all my energies into it. Yaaay!!

I wanted to share with you my new artist page which is everything about watercolor. My rebranded Youtube Channel and my personal IG account @roselyn.carr, where I'm sharing my daily creations, more about my studio, and coming soon: watercolor and design video tutorials... Whew, that's a lot!! Well, I'll be sharing there my creative journey and would love for you to come along!

As part of this new creative chapter, I'm releasing these cute watercolor wallpaper or lock screens for your iPhone. I use the ones with peonies, it looks so pretty, and flowers are so inspiring for the day a day. So, I couldn't help than sharing it with you too! Enter the info in the form below to download them right away!! 

Also, thanks so much for supporting me and be part of my creative journey!



Free Watercolor Wallpapers for iphone

IMPORTANT: This freebie is for personal use only. You cannot sell, distribute or create products with any downloaded content.

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Free Watercolor Wallpapers for iphone

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