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NEW Designs to start booking your Holiday Season!!

We're just a few months away from starting the busiest yet the most gratifying season of all, Holiday season!  And my favorite, creatively speaking!

This year, I wanted to take a different approach to the traditional Holiday look and feel, by using the watercolor hand-paint technique I’ve been working on. The floral shapes sounded like a great starting point; red traditional poinsettia, orchid, lily, green ivy, classic Christmas roses, holly… Oh! there were so many. Having all of ‘em at my disposal was a bit overwhelming, haha! But, I’m just excited to see the final results and how this Christmas marketing collection evolved, kind of like on its own.  

I can’t wait to see how you apply this new watercolor look to your photo studio portfolio, as I know your audience and potential customers will be captivated with a clean and delicate design, regardless of the marketing platform you decide to use, whether you go with printed flyers, newsletters or simply choose to engage a small campaign on social media (e.g. Facebook and Instagram); this new collection will be a great punch line to make your studio’s Holiday bookings shout-out!


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