Covid-19 Photography Studio Safety Guidelines Templates

I know the future ahead is different for everyone, and among all the changes I pray for you to be able to open your business operations soon, taking care of all the safety guidelines for you and your lovely customers.

Making pictures outdoors from long distance has been a solution for so many photographers lately. Others are getting ready to welcome their customers in the studio as soon as the authorities allow it. In any case, remember to keep your customers informed, I'm sure a lot of milestones are happening and families, entrepreneurs, and people, in general, are eager to get back to normal and book their sessions with you.

So, we created this newsletter template, including Covid-19 Safety Guidelines, so you can communicate with your clients ahead of time on how you and your photo studio will handle the sessions from now on.

Two formats are available, email newsletter and IG stories; that way, you can keep the safety guidelines saved in your highlights for potential customers.

covid safety guidelines studio photography template

Remember communication is key and your clients will feel more confident knowing you're taking care of them and yourself. 

We've you covered, all wording is included, and all the texts are fully customizable in case you need to make changes. Please make sure texts fit with your safety guidelines and your city regulations.

Check out the templates here.

Covid-19 Studio Safety Guidelines Photoshop Template - For instagramCovid-19 Studio Safety Guidelines Photoshop Template - For Instagram Stories

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