Our Christmas Gift

I think this is my favorite freebie of the year!! 

I really enjoyed creating this design and I did it with much much love to all my customers and fans! <3 The only thing I could say after this year is THANK YOU!! :) and this is my way to express all the gratitude to you, a FREEBIE, well actually this is my Christmas Gift to you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I was designing it :D

I know that after 365 days of pics you have miles and miles of cute, funny and lovely moments in your computer, and why not to share those lovely things of the year with your family and friends? So I did a familiar newsletter to do a review of the most beautiful things of 2012.

Use your imagination and have fun! Place pictures of you, your child, pets, vacation times, and any cute image you would like to share with your loved ones. Add your own style and change the colors if you want, send a love message to your family and friends, and you will receive a lots of messages back ;)

This template is a PSD file, is full layered and contain a PDF file with instructions and links ;)

I recommend you to send it as a digital newsletter to your family & friends! Don't forget to spread the love this Christmas and pin it, share and leave a comment if you like it ;) 

Epic Freebie bundle

Photos courtesy of Jenny Esterbrook :)


New in the shop

If you would like to send a card or digital newsletter saying Merry Christmas to your customers, here is a New design in the shop ;)

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Carmelina on

This is amazing thank you so much!! I like to do a summary page at the end of each year scrapbook- this will be perfect!! Thank you :)
For those having problems, there is a PSD file for download (to use in photoshop) there is also a PDF version :) make sure you select the right one for you before you download!

Bethany on

Where do you print these as a professional?

ketan raval on

templets only useful to professionals.
common people cannot open them because special software is needed to open and edit them.

Cat Smith on

Such a beautiful template! Thank you for creating and sharing!

Stephenbort on

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Denise Mills on

PLEASE HELP! I can’t open the zip drive file to do my edits. I know it has to be me doing something wrong. Could you please send me a word doc?
Thank you

AmyC on

Just wondering what size this is geared to print in? I was hoping for a 5×7

Stephanie on

Thank you so much for this beautiful template!! I was dreading my Christmas letter this year, as it always takes me hours to create…and recreate. I love it! Thank you for your hard work and gifting it to us!


Heidi on

I love your template. But unfortunatly I can not open it to add my own photos and words. Is there a way we can?

Mandy on

Thanks for sharing! So cute!

LaDawn on

Thanks so much Martha!! I did get Photoshop and have it all finished! Now to figure out how I want to print it…lol!

Martha on

You need a software program like Photoshop or similar photo editing program that can save or open .PSD files then you can edit the beautiful newsletter. I suggest going to You Tube and searching for programs that show you how to “CREATE a CLIPPING MASK” or similar phrases and it can walk you through the editing process. #1. Photoshop software or similar #2. You Tube instructional videos on clipping masks, layers, etc.

LaDawn on

I can’t open it after it downloads.. what program should I use to open it?

kristie on

I downloaded the Birdesign Christmas letter template – love it but how do I edit it to put our information in??? It is in a PSD can I convert it somehow?

Charity on

hi, love this template! I am able to put my photos in there, but very limited with editing as nothing on the toolbar will work. i can’t even save it. how do I fix this? Thanks

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