50 days of Instagram captions that engage

50 instagram captions

Hey, we’ve all been there - we have a beautiful pic, but don’t know what to say about it. Instagram has become a kind of mini-blogging platform where you can share bits of your life in the squares and bits of your thoughts in your captions.

Beautiful pictures may get likes, but real engagement and community develop when people comment, save your posts, tag their friends, and even share your posts via DM when they feel you’ve touched their hearts.

So, here are 5 tips for writing captions that engage:

  • Write like you’re talking with a friend. It doesn’t have to be formal and perfect, make it natural, casual and friendly.
  • Be honest, open your heart, and talk in first person. The human aspect is very important even if you are writing for a business account.
  • Forget about describing your picture, share the story behind it. Let the reader know what happened before or after the shot, what they don’t see in the pic. And what the reality of the experience was for you.
  • Compel engagement by including a call-to-action: Invite your followers to double tap if they agree, tag a friend, comment below, share your post with others, or visit your link in your bio.
  • Define your purpose with every post. Whether it's to educate, entertain, serve, solve a problem, motivate, or connect with your people. Make your purpose clear so you can get straight to the point without the unnecessary fluff.


Instagram is not as Insta as you may think. Planning ahead is better if you want to post quality content, so to get the most out of this inspirational guide, I recommend that you:

Batch your work! If you want to avoid the dreaded Instagram anxiety, make your days easier by writing several captions in a row. If you post from Monday to Friday you will get a month covered with 20 captions. I’ve included 50 caption ideas here so you can plan 2 months in advance. Even after that, you have 10 more caption ideas to use afterward or switch them up for some that don't fit with your brand or account. I suggest that you begin by writing 20 captions minimum, so you’ll have a month covered to start.

What about the images? Well, chances are you already have images on your computer and phone that are valuable to share on your account. Collect as many as you can. If you need to add more pictures to your queue, take a day to batch all your Instagram images.

Writing your captions first could help you come up with the images you’ll need to fill up your month of content. You need only 20 images to complete a month, sooo try to see this as a fun task and get your hands snapping.

Plan a month of posts: Match your captions with your images, and plan out your feed a month in advance. Simple, right?

Ready to write engaging Instagram captions??

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