Our life lately

I really want to share with you all how our life has been lately, as you may've noticed changes have happened.

We moved twice (internationally) in the last 8 months, which took away a lot of time and energy. Thank God we are back already settle down in our home country and happier than ever. God has been so good with us because during that transition we got blessed with the most beautiful gift from Heaven, a new addition to our family.

I'm so grateful I've had a joyful pregnancy so far. I experienced morning sickness, though! But I'm now in my third trimester - and finally able to eat normally. I can now say I got to understand my lovely clients when talking about "pregnancy brain" LOL! I'm now getting used to it, I know it won't go away soon so I'm learning to embrace it and run with it.

It's beautiful to see how life brings the things you need in the right moment. During my pregnancy I've learned to be patience with myself, to take my time to enjoy the moment being mindful and present, I know it's only a small idea of what's about to come... I'm sure that all the mommy readers know better that "the days are long, but the years are short" and I want to live accordingly - living every moment fully.

I usually don't share lots of personal stuff through Birdesign, but I think it was time for it. I've been receiving so much love from my customers and wanted to give back a little bit of it, just by being me and letting you enter into my home, starting by sharing this pics of me and our little girl.

For those lovely sweeties, who sent me messages asking if I was OK, a BIG Thank You!! You can't imagine how much that means to me. I've just been going through a little pause to make the day a day smoother for me and my family. Everyday, I'm convinced more and more how much I love my job and how fortunate I am by having loyal and thoughtful customers around me. I promise that with our little one on the way I feel more inspired than ever to keep creating new things.

Feeling ready for this new chapter!!!


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