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3 Ways Local Business Owners Can Use Pinterest

Pinterest for locals

Pinterest for locals

As a local business, how can you get the most out of Pinterest? Maybe you’re a local photographer, artist, or vendor and wondering how Pinterest can help you to bring in new traffic and potential clients in your area. Pinterest is one giant pool, so just throwing out pins about your service without connecting with your local people will result in an inability to convert your efforts.

Here I’m sharing 3 techniques you can use to attract the ideal traffic to your local brand.

Create boards that include local vendors:

The first thing is to think of Pinterest as a sort of local magazine for your brand. Your boards will be the topics or categories you want to be included in your magazine. Whether you’re a local photographer, artist, or brick and mortar shop, you can create boards of related services in your zone. For instance, if you are a wedding photographer in Utah, you can create a board named Utah Weddings and include wedding service providers like wedding planners, florists, venues, and makeup artists in your area. Make sure to include brands and services in that board, too. By doing this you will attract Utah brides looking for a photographer as well.

You can also create boards of venues, restaurants, studios, places to visit, or services in your area, always related to your topics. So you bring people to your account who are likely to find your service or product useful at that specific moment.

Include local keywords on your boards and pin descriptions

Pinterest is a search engine, so the more accurate your keywords, the more likely you’ll pop up when someone is looking for the type of service or product you offer in your area.  So instead of creating a board named Winter Wedding Inspiration, you can name it Winter Weddings in Utah. Same with the description of your boards. Users aren’t used to adding descriptions to their Pins, but it’s essential for you to add a paragraph describing your Pin and including accurate keywords and your area of service.

Create boards related to the place you serve

Create boards inspired by things that are specific, and even special, about your area. It could be the weather, the cuisine, the places to visit, or the season. For instance, if you offer your interior design services in Hawaii, you can create boards inspired by the Hawaiian interior style. If you are a photographer living in California, you can make a specific board pointing out California style outfits or Photo Venues in California. This way you will attract your people, who, in the right moment, could potentially become clients. Think about useful things you would love to find as a local and add them to your boards.

Hope you find these tips useful to improve the amount of traffic you drive to your biz, blog, or local brand. Find me on Pinterest and let’s hang out together!!



Pinterest for Local business

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