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My new camera strap - Made with love

Last week I got in my inbox the most lovely accessory for my camera. Gabriela Koopmans besides being a great photographer is also the creator of the gorgeous camera straps "Made with love" , I don't know what her secret is, but these straps have an enchanting touch, the materials are high quality and perfectly selected. You know what they say about "It's all in the details", well Gabriela definitively makes you feel special with all of her details, a lovely lace, comfortable velvet padding, mine even came with an adorable tiny heart pendant quoting "made with love".
She has so many colors and styles to choose from, I decided to go for a blue lace color anticipating that my husband, Richard, is who uses the camera more often. I'm sure he won't have any problems with it :)

I really love the soft back side of the strap, important thing to consider since you have to be comfortable during a long photo session, I also have to mention that is really lovely to have a handmade product, every detail is flawless, can't wait to wear it!!

If you are looking to give your camera a personal and girly twist, take a look at these camera straps, you won't be able to decide just by one, all of them are adorable!!

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