New catalog site

We are always looking to make your work easier, that's why we have created an unbranded catalog site to show up all the available designs to your clients without too much work :)

The use of the site is totally free and has been created exclusively for our customers photographers.

How to use it?

  • Share the designs with your client just by sending the link 
  • Increase your sales, show MORE and sell MORE, clients will go for a card and will end up liking a timeline too :)
  • Codes are on the title, once you have your clients codes visit our shop and look for them on the search bar (upper right corner)

Hope this helps you out this Holiday Season!!

New designs will be added regularly to our catalog.

"My design catalog" is a brand of Birdesign. For our customers only.


Roselyn Carrillo

This is genius! Thank you so much for thinking of how difficult it is to share design ideas. Wish I knew about this a week ago in fact! Thank you Rose!!! This is so easy! Love it!!!!

Roselyn Carrillo

This is wonderful!!! Thank you so much for this!

Roselyn Carrillo

Thank you so much for this!

Roselyn Carrillo

great idea!!! thank you!!!

Roselyn Carrillo

I love this idea! Adding a link to my website now for clients to select their templates!

Roselyn Carrillo

Is there a simple way to print these out?? I am doing Christmas Mini Sessions and I was going to have them pick the design template they wanted right at the session by putting these in a binder. Thanks!

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