10 Reasons Creatives Should Sell Digital Products

So, my friends, I’m going on ten years selling digital goods and I still earn revenue from illustrations I created in 2008. You can imagine why I'm so convinced I’ll stay in this industry for years to come!

Selling digital goods has been the best way I’ve found to do the things I love and serve the world at the same time.

I love the fact that I can create whatever I’m in the mood for. I’ve offered illustrations, patterns, brushes, card templates, illustrations, and fonts, and I have a list of things I want to create in the future.

There are many more options, like guides, templates, audio, courses, apps, software, ebooks, and so on, the list is endless!!

Well if you’re still having doubts, I’ve compiled 10 reasons why you should consider adding digital products to your blog, website, or brand (even if you’re a seller of physical products, you can still add this profitable category to your options). I bet you won’t regret it at all!!

• You’ll never run out of stock. You’re creating products that can be sold over and over again without quantity limits. This is like a dream come true for any merchant, isn’t it?

• The investment is reduced to your time and knowledge.  Yes, you will have to sit down to plan, do market research, and create your products. But it’s a ONE TIME investment.* Can you believe that?

• You generate a passive income. If you automatize the way you sell and deliver your products, you’ll have developed a successful PASSIVE INCOME. That means you have to work once to receive earnings that don’t require your action with every purchase, this is definitely my favorite part of all.

• You can sell your product multiple times, for years to come. Nothing to add here, but be aware that I still receive earnings from things I created years ago, and that’s AMAZING!

• Sales are final, so the return rate is super low. Because of the nature of the product, most of the sales are final, so you don't have to worry about having to deal with returns.

• Profit margins are incredible. If you set up your shop on your own website, you earn almost 100% of each sale. So, you have the power to create the pricing structure for your work.

• It gives you REAL freedom. You can work from anywhere, and on your own terms. Your creative process isn’t limited by place and time.

• You can create the things you’re passionate about. You don’t have to please anyone other than yourself, and your customers will choose you because they love your style, without limiting your creativity to others’ preferences.

• Your market is the entire world. You are not limited to a country or area, you can deliver your products all over the world. I have customers on every continent, which excites me so much and makes me want to provide better content for everyone.

• Marketing digital products is easier. The best way to market is by offering free trials, and that won’t cost you anything when selling digital goods. So, the chances of attracting a new audience and converting it into paying clients is higher than with physical products.

Now you may be thinking about what you might be able to sell... well, anything!!!

Begin by thinking about digital products you’ve created for yourself, and you’re convinced they work and increase efficiency in your life. From templates, guides, how-tos, tutorials, audio files, images, music, videos, illustrations, documents, presets, wow! I could stay here for days brainstorming ideas!!

I created a post exclusively to give you some prompts for what you can create! Thinking you have nothing to share? You are wrong!! Everyone has things to share with the world!! So take a look at these passive income ideas for creatives and get inspired. 

*My unique expenses when selling digital products are; A Shopify monthly fee and a monthly fee for the Digital Delivery Platform (I use Fetchapp). But they are very very low in comparison with my monthly profits.

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